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Welcome to the REGINA WINDY FLYERS web page. Our club is dedicated to maintaining and promoting the sport/hobby of Radio Controlled Modeling. We are based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.Our flying field and car and truck track is located about 12 Km North East of Regina at Kings Park Model Airport Visitors are always welcome. Members/Pilots are always willing to answer any questions you have about the Club or building and operating any model aircraft car or truck.

The following picture is of Kings Park Model Airport, Regina Windy Flyers flying site. The large gray surface to the left is our runway, it is a paved runway measuring 250' x 250' allowing take offs and landings in every direction. As well it is all surrounded by a generous amount of flat maintained grass field for those times you don't make the runway. In the middle right of the picture is our clubhouse and parking areas. Surrounded by plenty of pasture and farm land makes this an ideal place to fly and makes Kings Park Model Airport one of the best flying facilities in western Canada.

  RWF Field

The Regina Windy Flyers continue to have one of the nicest facilities for R/C model aircraft flying in Western Canada. We average 65 members per year some of these are very active pilots flying almost daily when weather permits while others are casual pilots.

As of 2014 we have added Model car and truck facilities to our field (these are currently under construction but will be in use soon). Once facilities are in place pictures will be posted.


We continue to make improvements to our field and facilities all the time. We maintain 10 acres of cut grass field on which the clubhouse, storage sheds, washroom facilities are located. At the flight line we have safety fences in place as well as picnic tables and sun shelters. We also have fire pits and barbeques available for use by our members. The flying field is a great place to get out of the city and relax flying and socializing with fellow members. Its a great place to spend the day or a few hours with friends and family enjoying the hobby of RC model aircraft.


The RWF hold regular club meetings the last Monday of the following months, January, March, May, June, July, August, September and November as well as any special meetings as required. May, June, July and August meetings are held at the Flying field clubhouse while the remainder are held at a meeting facility in the city of Regina, all members are invited to attend. Visitors are always welcome to attend as well.

We are a Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (M.A.A.C.) affiliated club. All members must have a current M.A.A.C. membership as well all visiting pilots must have M.A.A.C. or A.M.A. membership to fly at our facilities.


RWF History


In 1958, a group of 10-15 people decided they would like to try to fly model airplanes. These flights; while not often successful (often ending in crashes), were the basis of a club. The club was named the Queen City Radio Control Club. The flying site was a field approximately one mile west of the present day Regina Airport runways. As years went by, the membership grew to 30- 35 people. Earliest records show that in 1970 dues were sent and members were registered with the M.A.A.C. organization.

Along with increased membership; changes occurred to the flying site location. Various locations were utilized, some of which were the first field by the airport, the field by the Regina R.C.M.P. barracks, the present day moto-cross field at Kings Park, as well as Zalusky's field near Pilot Butte. In 1977, the flying strip was moved ( due to outside factions ) to its present day site. In approximately 1974-1975, the club's name changed to the Regina Windy Flyers. After the club name change, there was a split in the club with Regina Windy Flyers losing 6-12 members.

The Regina Windy Flyers have continued to grow over the years to a high membership of 130 people. On a busy summer day you can see just about every type of model aircraft being flown; gliders, control line, radio control helicopters and pylon racers as well as pattern and sport aircraft of all types. Due to the number of planes and people in 1987, an alternate flying site was found for the people to train and fly helicopters. This site was approximately 8 kilometres from Regina and 20 acres in size. The field, which was called The Regina Windy Flyers Helicopter Field, was being used by 30-35 members . In 1996 due to installation of a new high power line this field was lost. The club presently operates on one field utilizing temporary fields for special events such as float fly's and control line contests.

As of 2014 we have added Car and Truck Modeling to our club, facilities for everything from learning to operate a remote controlled vehicle, just having fun or competition racing.


We are the Regina Windy Flyers a Radio Control Model Aircraft and Car Club. Located 12 Km North East of Regina Saskatchewan Canada.

We welcome all RC pilots / drivers and spectators to come visit us at our field.

Hope to see you all there.


MAAC Wings

  we are a M.A.A.C. affiliated club.  

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