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RWF Executive


2017 Club Executive

RWF President

Kim McCune

(306) 789-8073

RWF Vice-President

Derek Kanak

(306) 775-0009

RWF Secretary Treasurer

Bob Mills

(306) 789-0900








RWF Comittee Chairmen


2017 Club Committee Chairman

Newsletter / Web Site

Terry Truelove

(306) 545-3756


Robert Reitmeier

(306) 565-6255

Ground Committee

Scott Keyowski

(306) 543-1049


Jim Eaton

(306) 530-7589


RWF Club Flight Instructors


Club Flight Instructors

Brian Checkley

(306) 949-4509



Derek Kanak

(306) 775-0009



Rod Kelln

(306) 585-0361



Robert Kossatz

(306) 545-7358



Trevor Masson

(306) 543-5927


Terry Truelove

(306) 545-3756








Saskatchewan Contacts


Miscellaneous Contacts

M.A.A.C. Sask Zone Director

Craig Ekstrand


M.A.A.C Sask Deputy Zone Director

Duncan Campbell















Here is a list of most of the current club contacts you may need as well as a couple miscellaneous ones as well.

Not all are provided with an email address, if you email the rwf@sasktel address your email will be sent to the contact you wish asap.




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