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RWF Flight Training


The Regina Windy Flyers offer free flight training to all members. All pilots must have qualified for their "Wings" before flying without supervision of a club instructor. Our qualified instructors are available to help you get your airplane flight ready and assist anyone beginning to fly or working towards their "wings". In order to get your wings, a pilot must be able to perform a specific set of maneuvers designed to show basic competencies of flight and safety. Our "Wings" program manual is available by using the link below.

You should NOT try to learn to fly without the help of an experienced RC Pilot. Crashing on your first flight can be so frustrating it might cause you to quit before you even get started.

While learning to fly you may be able to use the club’s “Buddy Boxes” to help you learn and save your aircraft from disaster caused by inexperience. The


instructor will use your transmitter hard wired to the buddy box with similar controls that you will use during the training flight. If a compatible "Buddy Box" is not available training will be completed with the instructor using your radio and handing it to you when you are ready to take over the aircraft.

The instructor will initially do the take-off and climb to a safe altitude for you. He then will either hold a momentary switch when it is time for you to fly, and releases it to immediately take control back if you put the airplane into an unstable attitude or if not using a "Buddy Box" will pass you the radio and take it back to recover the aircraft. During initial training instructors will always keep your aircraft at a higher altitude to insure ample time for correction. As your abilities increase they will bring your flight lower preparing you for take-offs and landings. The instructor will also land your aircraft for you until you are sufficiently skilled to perform the take-offs and landings yourself. When your skills are sufficiently developed it will be time to take your “Wings Test” and become a pilot with open flying privileges.

Until this test has been passed, the student must have a instructor with them at the flight line while flying. There is NO COST for this training for club members.

Once a pilot has aquired their "Wings" they may fly at the club facilities without further assistace from an instructor. Club instructors are always willing to assist you If you build or aquire a new aircraft that you would like assistance with, wether to preflight inspect, give it its maiden flight or assist you in flying it until you have become comfortable with it.

We have a number of club flight instructors willing to assist you in learning to fly and assisting you with pre-flight preparations or answering any questions you may have. Due to weather fluctuations or other commitments there is no set time for the instructors to be at the field, although most nice evening and weekends one or more are there. The best advice is to talk to some of the instructors and find when they normally fly then work with the ones that would work well with when you can be available to fly. Feel free to contact the instructors and discuss availability with them, this may save you a trip to the field to find no instructors are available.



RWF Club Flight Instructors


Club Flight Instructors

Brian Checkley

(306) 949-4509



Derek Kanak

(306) 775-0009



Rod Kelln

(306) 585-0361



Robert Kossatz

(306) 545-7358



Trevor Masson

(306) 543-5927


Terry Truelove

(306) 545-3756








RWF Club Flight Training Program

  Regina Windy Flyers Beginners Wings Program  



Interested in learning to fly RC model aircraft, we offer free flight training to all club members, we will step you through learning to fly until you are able to fly confidently on your own. Club instructors are always willing to give you all the assistance you may need whether as a beginner or advancing to a new aircraft or learning a few new areobatics.




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